Help us increase Utah public education funding!


Public education funding is critical. Your attendance at the March 11 event could make the difference!

The public education community is coming together Monday, 6 p.m., in the Utah Capitol Rotunda asking lawmakers to support increased funding for public education. Your voice – combined with hundreds of fellow teachers, parents, administrators, business leaders and others – can impact how lawmakers vote in the closing days of the 2013 Legislative Session. We need a strong showing!

Speakers at the event are:

  • Business leaders – including former Utah Speaker of the House Nolan Karras;
  • Teachers – including 2011 Utah Teacher of the Year Gay Beck;
  • Parents;
  • School board members and
  • School employees.

Bring your friends and family to see the State Capitol and meet the Cat in the Hat as we show our support for Utah public education.

Your local UniServ office may be providing a bus to the event. Contact them for details.

The Utah Education Association’s number one priority for this legislative session is to increase public education funding. Many lawmakers are saying they would like to increase the Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU) – the basic funding mechanism for public education – by 2 percent, but they are concerned about sequestration (the “fiscal cliff”) and its impact on the Utah budget. In short, funding for public education is in jeopardy.

In preparation for this event, we encourage everyone interested in public education to sign a “Citizen’s Petition.” You can sign online here, or print and return a hard copy to the UEA Office no later than March 4. We need thousands of these to make an impact.

In summary, you can help in two ways:

  1. Sign the petition and get it back to the UEA by March 4.
  2. Attend “Public Education Day on Capitol Hill” March 11. Bring at least two friends or family members.

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