UEA’s Summer Leadership Academy

Training for elected and emerging leaders

As part of a commitment to ensure every UEA member is successful in their evaluation, the entire focus of the two-day 2013 Leadership Academy was the educator evaluation system required by a state law passed in 2012 (Senate Bill 64). Teams of leaders from every local/UniServ were trained on ways to help UEA members succeed on the evaluations and improve their teaching skills, including details about the Utah Effective Teaching Standards, types of evidence required, student growth plans and student learning objectives. (View the full 2013 UEA Summer Leadership Academy recap)

Summer Leadership Academy is the primary leadership development course for elected leaders in the Association.

The two-day workshop is designed for state and local leaders to receive training on leadership skills, capacity building, important issues facing UEA members and other relevant topics.

The next UEA Summer Leadership Academy will be held June 11-12, 2014. Members interested in participating in this training should contact their local president.

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