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Come Support Your Neighborhood Public School at the March for Public Education. 
We know how important the public education system is to all children, their families and Utah’s economy. Our public schools are under attack in both K-12 and Higher Ed. Despite what some people think at the local and national level, voucher programs don't work and other flawed ideas from Washington are coming for Utah. We need to fight back. To join this event, click on the image to the left. Once you're there, remember to 'Like' and 'Share'. Bring your posters and wear your school colors. The weather will be hot so be sure to bring water. Thank you for your support!

'Our Schools Now' Aims to Raise $ for Education
UEA President Heidi Matthews and Executive Director Lisa Nentl-Bloom are among a group of prominent business and community leaders spearheading a ballot initiative designed to increase revenue for public education and improve student performance. Learn more and volunteer to help collect signatures...more

Educators Taking the Lead
The Educators Taking the Lead initiative promotes UEA members as leaders in all areas of their profession, including:  evaluations, instructional quality, bargaining, advocacy and education policy…more

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