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UEA House of Delegates

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2017 House of Delegates

The UEA’s governing body, the House of Delegates, met Saturday, May 20, at Elk Ridge Middle School in South Jordan to conduct the Association’s business. More than 200 delegates, elected by their peers in each of the state’s local associations, participated in the 2017 House, along with 27 guests. Delegates heard reports on the status of the Association, discussed and adopted the UEA Legislative Platform and budget, and adopted policies to govern the Association...view the 2017 UEA House of Delegates report

About the House of Delegates

Each year, the UEA convenes a House of Delegates to conduct Association business. According to the UEA Constitution (Article IV), the “House of Delegates is the legislative body of the Utah Education Association and may determine the policies to be carried out by the Board of Directors.” The UEA Bylaws say the House of Delegates meets annually to “receive reports on the status of the Association, discuss and adopt the UEA Legislative Program and the UEA Budget, and adopt policies governing the Association.” The House consists of the UEA Board of Directors and elected delegates representing each local association, each UniServ, UEA retired members and the UEA student program. Each attending delegate is entitled to one vote.

Other documents that are a result of business conducted at the House of Delegates include:

Previous House of Delegates Meetings