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2017 Recruit Today! Fall Campaign

Congratulations to winners of the Fall 2017 UEA Recruit Today! program:

  • Rich MonsonSan Juan, recruited 48 new members and was awarded $150 for recruiting the most new members.
  • Alane GaspariPark City, recruited 25 new members and was awarded $225 for recruiting the second most new members.
  • Vicki OlsenJordan, recruited 15 new members and was awarded $300 for recruiting the third most new members.
  • Kay Katchuk and Ryan McArthur, South Summit, each recruited 6 new members and were awarded $75.

    The Fall 2017 program resulted in 1,287 new members statewide. Nearly 550 recruiters each received $20 per member recruited between July 18 and October 31.

    In addition, one local from each of four divisions was awarded a cash prize for the largest percent increase in membership:

    • Division 1 – South Summit Education Association with 22.92 increase was awarded $75;
    • Division 2 – San Juan Education Association with 79.66% increase was awarded $150;
    • Division 3 – Murray Education Association with 12.62% increase was awarded $225; and
    • Division 4 – Granite Education Association with 6.68% increase was awarded $300.

    For additional information, visit the Recruit Today! FAQ page or call the UEA at 801-266-4461/800-594-8996.

    Mary Moulton, winner of the Top Recruiter Prize in the 2013 Recruit Today! incentive says:

    “People join UEA for many reasons; they want to be involved, want protection, meet people, make new friends, develop leadership skills and learn about the evaluation process.

    Recruiting new members is easier than you think – ask them face-to-face, be a good listener, tell your story, network with other members and have incentives for membership. Food and water are a great recruiting tool also!”