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UEA Elections

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General Elections

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In accordance with its Bylaws, the UEA will hold an online election for open offices in 2018.  The General Election in now open and will run March 21-April 11, for the 10 UEA state offices subject to election in 2018, including NEA State Director and NEA-RA Delegate-At-Large, and three other UEA Board positions.


On or around March 21 UEA members should have received an email from SurveyMonkey containing General Election voting instructions and a link to your ballot. This email was sent on behalf of at the preferred email address in your membership record. Please check your SPAM filters to ensure you don’t miss the email. For questions about voting, please contact, 801-266-4461.

Declared Candidates

  • NEA State Director (three-year term)
  • NEA-RA Delegate-At-Large (three-year term)
  • Alpine Director (three-year term)
  • Eastern Director (Three-year term)
  • Eastern NEA-RA Successor Delegate (Three-year term)
    • No declared candidates
  • High Desert Director (three-year term)
  • High Desert NEA-RA Successor Delegate (three-year term)
  • Wasatch Director (Three-year term
  • Wasatch NEA-RA Successor Delegate (Three-year term)

About UEA Elections

National, state and local association leaders are association members elected by their peers. UEA leadership elections are held annually, as outlined in the UEA Bylaws. Statewide elected leaders include the UEA President and Vice President, the UEA Board of Directors and NEA Directors for Utah. Local leaders are also elected by their peers in each local association. Click here for a description of the duties of each office.

Past Election Results