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Envision UEA

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Are you under 35 and have a desire to improve public education and your association?

Apply now to participate on the Envision UEA Task Force!

The UEA is seeking early career educators/young professionals under age 35 from all across the state to participate in the Envision UEA Task Force. The task force is charged with conducting research, making recommendations and submitting a report to the UEA Board of Directors and the 2018 House of Delegates. A $1,500 stipend will be provided for each selected applicant who participates.

The task force will consist of at least one young professional educator from each UniServ region dedicated to supporting the goals of Envision UEA. Deadline for application to the task force is September 30, 2017.

Applicant Requirements:
  • Must be currently employed in a Utah public school with a reputation for professionalism and excellence in the classroom;
  • Must be able to devote approximately 10 hours per month for a six-month period;
  • Must be willing to travel across the state to meet with fellow educators (travel reimbursement provided);
  • Must be a UEA member in good standing;
  • Educators with less than 10 years of teaching experiences are especially encouraged to apply; and
  • Must be under age 35.

The task force is looking for individuals who are passionate, committed, innovative, dependable and leaders. Note that submission does not guarantee a position on the task force. Applications will be reviewed and notice of acceptances will be sent in October 2017. A $1,500 stipend, plus travel reimbursement, will be provided for each selected applicant who participates.


The goal of the Envision UEA task force is to achieve a long-term vision for organizing and building for the UEA's future. The task force will conduct research by communicating with leaders, members and potential members, to make recommendations and will report their findings to the UEA Board of Directors and the 2018 House of Delegates.
  1. Delve deeply into future issues and opportunities for the profession and association;
  2. Research related studies, data;
  3. Collect input from leaders, members, and potential members in each UniServ;
  4. Engage in the design prototyping of future images of the profession; and
  5. Report findings and recommendations to the UEA Board (April) for consideration by the House of Delegates at the 2018 meeting (May).


New Business Item No. 1 (see below), was approved by the 2017 UEA House of Delegates. This action approved creation of the Envision UEA Task Force, to be comprised of “early career educators/young professionals” under the age of 35 from all UniServs. The task force is charged with reporting to the UEA Board recommendations to support the goals of “new educator engagement, recruitment and support campaign, as well as other efforts to engage support and recruit new teachers…”