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UEA-Political Action Committee

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The following members participate as the Executive Council for the UEA Political Action Committee:

                                            Voting Members of the Committee

Heidi Matthews


Roger Donohoe

Vice President

Kathryn Parry

UEA Board Member

Dan Pitcher

UEA Board Member

 Mallory Record  UEA Board Member

Shane Earling

Alpine UniServ

Amy Barton

Color Country UniServ

Rosalind Van Vleet

Davis UniServ

Renee Pinkney

Eastern UniServ

Beth Niederman

Granite UniServ

Ryan Anderson

High Desert UniServ

Rebekah Peterson

Jordan UniServ


Northern UniServ

Letitia Teneau-Sword

Ogden-Weber UniServ

Chelsie Acosta

Wasatch UniServ

            David Hansen            

Woodland Peaks UniServ

Kevin Ball   UEA-Retired

                                   Ex Officio Non-Voting Committee Members

Lisa Nentl-Bloom

UEA Executive Director

Chase Clyde 

UEA Director of Government Relations 

Sara Jones

UEA Director of Educational Excellence

Carrie Call

UEA Government Relations Associate