BLOG: Respect for the Educator Voice  03/26/2014
It is time that decisions regarding public education are placed with the education experts. The educator voice can no longer be ignored and disrespected.

TEACHING STANDARD: "Reflection and Continuous Growth"  03/18/2014
Standard 8: Reflection and Continuous Growth “The teacher is a reflective practitioner who uses evidence to continually evaluate and adapt practice to meet the needs of each learner.”

EDITORIAL: Pay attention to the teachers, legislators  03/10/2014
Salt Lake Tribune Editorial by UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh

TEACHING STANDARD: "Learning Environments" discussed by elementary and secondary teachers  02/25/2014
Standard 3: Learning Environments-- “The teacher works with learners to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, positive social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.”

Teachers present an innovative new vision for Utah public education  01/31/2014
Independent task force members ask lawmakers to consider their education policy recommendations, detailed in a new report.

Utah guv names new education adviser (Salt Lake Tribune)  01/22/2014
(Salt Lake Tribune) The head of the state school board will give up her seat to become Gov. Gary Herbert’s new education adviser. Herbert named Tami Pyfer, of Logan, as his new adviser on Tuesday.

Nebo Education Association member wins national science award  01/17/2014
(Deseret News) Julie Hammari, a sixth-grade teacher at East Meadows Elementary in Spanish Fork, has received the 2013 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.

Teacher shares insights into Utah Effective Teaching Standard 1  01/16/2014
I believe the very heart of good instruction starts with Standard 1 as we take the time to understand our students’ cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional areas of development and appropriately plan instruction for them.

Governor Gary Herbert

Governor’s proposed FY2015 education budget maintains status quo  12/05/2013
Calling education his highest priority, Utah Governor Gary Herbert asked lawmakers to set aside $157 million in anticipated new state revenue for public education. His proposed budget includes fully funding new student growth and a 2.5 percent increase on the Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU).

Recruit Today! 2013 Fall Campaign winners announced  12/03/2013
Congratulations and thank you to UEA members for their recruiting efforts during the UEA's Recruit Today! 2013 Fall Campaign.

Educators Share: Effective instructional strategies promote student understanding  11/19/2013
Teachers share success they have had using Utah Effective Teaching Standard 7

Evaluation initiative earning praise  11/11/2013
Meetings help UEA members improve teaching skills, prepare for evaluations

BLOG: Opportunities for All, by UEA Vice President Tom Nedreberg  11/05/2013
Since its inception, the U.S. has been a melting pot. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our public schools, where we mix, mingle and share with people different than ourselves. School is where we learn about the ideals promised in the Constitution, beginning with “We the people…” School is where teachers open doors of opportunity for all students. School is where students hopefully learn that anything is possible in this great country.

UEA presents awards to 2013 top educators and public education advocates  10/18/2013
Ten educators each received a $1,500 cash award at the KeyBank Superstars in Education celebration on Oct. 17. UEA Honor Roll and Human & Civil Rights awards were also presented.

Davis Education Association member named 2014 Utah Teacher of the Year  10/07/2013
Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction Martell Menlove announced today that Foxboro Elementary School fifth grade teacher Allison P. Riddle has been named Utah’s 2014 Teacher of the Year.

UEA says ‘Yes’ to strong school accountability – ‘No’ to current flawed Utah models  10/01/2013
The UEA, on behalf of teachers, has taken the position that both UCAS, which was developed in response to a previous school grading law, and the current single-grade reporting system are both seriously flawed in the way they measure and report what’s happening in our schools.

Coach suspends team: UEA member receives national media attention  09/26/2013
(CBS This Morning) Why a high school football coach suspended nearly every player on team...

Evaluation ‘Toolkit’ Debuts  09/24/2013
Leaders learn to improve teaching skills, prepare for educators for new evaluations at Sept. 21 all-day training.

BLOG: "Standing Up for What You Believe" by NEA State Director Ryan Anderson  09/03/2013
In reality, by nature of our Associations’ structure, the business of our elected representatives and the positions we take at the UEA House of Delegates and the NEA Representative Assembly (RA) can be no more liberal, moderate or conservative than our membership because elected delegates represent their local associations each time we vote.

Jessica Dunn

New Jordan UniServ Director Named  08/28/2013
The Jordan UniServ, which represents teachers in the Jordan and Canyons School Districts, announced that Jessica Dunn has been named a new UniServ Director.

School grades do not reflect reality  08/26/2013
Legislatively mandated school grades miss the mark in school accountability, according to the UEA.

State School Board member Kim Burningham blog: Charter Schools - Concerns and Values  07/15/2013
(Blog by State School Board member Kim Burningham) In summary, some charter schools provide outstanding alternatives and may deserve the parent’s and student’s consideration. In general, however, I believe the time and effort a parent may devote to a charter school may be better spent to support your neighborhood school.

Delegates to the 2013 NEA Representative Assembly raise their hands for student success  07/11/2013
Student learning took center stage at the NEA’s annual Representative Assembly July 3-7 in Atlanta. More than 70 Utah educators joined their colleagues from across the nation in Atlanta during the first week of July to supercharge the drive for public education and student success.

East High teacher named Pearson Foundation Global Learning Fellow  07/01/2013
(Salt Lake Tribune) Leigh VandenAkker spent the last week in Brazil learning global competency.

Teachers inspired to ‘take the lead’ at leadership training  06/17/2013
As part of a commitment to ensure every UEA member is successful in their evaluation, the entire focus of the two-day 2013 Leadership Academy was the educator evaluation system required by a state law passed in 2012 (Senate Bill 64). Teams of leaders from every local/UniServ were trained on ways to help UEA members succeed on the evaluations and improve their teaching skills, including details about the Utah Effective Teaching Standards, types of evidence required, student growth plans (SGP) and student learning objectives (SLO).

Teachers: Six Ways the Common Core is Good For Students  05/16/2013
(NEA Today Express) As the Common Core debate heats up, we’ve heard a lot from policy makers, politicians, and even TV talk show hosts about the challenges posed by the new standards and whether they’ll help or hurt education. With all the chatter, the voices of the professionals who are actually responsible for implementing the Common Core has been all but drowned out in the mainstream media.

Five Teachers Win Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Awards  05/10/2013
UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh and Gov. Gary Herbert joined Arch Coal Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Lang as he presented trophies, classroom plaques and checks to the winners.

Teacher Appreciation Week - Message from UEA President  05/03/2013
What we as teachers do matters in ways we can sometimes only imagine.

Teacher resources for the Utah Core Standards  05/03/2013
The Utah Core Standards are based on the Common Core State Standards, a state-led effort adopted in 44 states to better prepare students to compete in a global economy.

Utah teacher receives NEA Foundation grant  05/02/2013
Cassie Cox, teacher at Two Rivers High School in Ogden School District, received a grant from the NEA Foundation to attend the 2013 National Council of Teacher of English Annual Convention.

Will the State Publish Test Scores by Teacher?  04/16/2013
In a letter to members of the State Board, UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh called the conflict a “political issue” saying that “resolving it in favor of those advocating for reporting (classroom-level test scores) does nothing to advance the Board’s service on behalf of children or to public education.”

How did your legislator vote? UEA analysis of 2013 voting records  03/27/2013
Each year, the Utah Education Association tracks numerous bills during the legislative session. The UEA then reviews the voting records of legislators and highlights selected bills voted on in the House and/or Senate that could have significant impact on public education and/or the UEA.

BLOG: Thoughts on the Legislative Session, by UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh  03/21/2013
As I reflect on the 45 days of the 2013 Legislative Session, I am pleased not only by what was accomplished, but also by the tremendous support expressed for public schools by my fellow educators and others.

Legislative leaders thank educators at Public Education Day on Capitol Hill  03/12/2013
Hundreds of teachers, classified school employees, parents, students and others packed the Capitol Rotunda March 11 in a show of support for public education.

Coalition kills bill aimed at weakening collective bargaining  03/07/2013
The Utah One Coalition – representing 120,000 working men and women throughout Utah, including the 18,000-member Utah Education Association – had as one of its goals this year the defeat of any legislation aimed at weakening employee bargaining rights. They succeeded.

Award-Winning Educator Re-Elected as UEA President  03/04/2013
Former second grade teacher Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh was elected by her fellow educators to a second three-year term as president of the 18,000-member Utah Education Association.

Meetings help clarify educator evaluation legislation  01/17/2013
During this month’s meetings, Sen. Osmond met with educators to hear their questions and concerns, and to clarify the intent of the legislation, as implementation moves forward. The meetings were scheduled in conjunction with the UEA and the Utah State Office of Education.

Help Connecticut teachers raise $1 million for Newtown community  01/07/2013
The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) announced that it has created the “Sandy Hook Memorial and Scholarship Fund” within the organization’s non-profit arm, the Connecticut Education Foundation (CEF).

BLOG: Inspirational Teachers Protect 'Their Kids'  12/20/2012
As the stories of the heroic acts of the teachers made their way to the media, I could not help but reflect that these selfless acts are exactly what teachers would do...give their lives to protect "their kids."