UEA Standing Committee Summit: Moving association work forward


On Saturday, Sept. 21, more than 50 UEA leaders and staff gathered for a Standing Committee Summit. At the Summit, leaders selected as UEA standing committee members learned skills and information necessary to address the needs of the UEA members they serve. These teachers volunteer their time to participate as committee members to help further association goals and strengthen the teaching profession

The UEA Board of Directors annually appoints standing committees to carry on activities or pursue purposes of a continuing nature. These committees are responsible for the duties set forth in the UEA Bylaws and for other duties as the Board may specify.

“We are here to inform the work of our committees and provide training to help you to help our members,” said UEA President Heidi Matthews as she introduced the meeting. Meeting topics ranged from how to conduct an effective meeting and develop relationships, to creating strategic action plans for carrying out the work of the association.

UEA Staff and Board members shared the components of effective teams such as roles, goals, relationships and procedures. UEA Executive Director Brad Bartels discussed the UEA Strategic Plan being developed by the UEA Board and UEA Board Member Denise Lake introduced the UEA’s Ethnic Minority Involvement Plan. “As leaders in our association, we have a job to do,” said Lake. “It’s our plan, it’s Utah’s plan and I need everyone to commit to help accomplish the plan goals. We need your voice.”

UEA standing committees include:

The day concluded with members of each standing committee conducing a committee meeting. For most, this was their first meeting of the year.

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