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Keynote SessionCea Cohen Elliott

Friday, October 21, 2011
8:00-9:30 a.m.
Hall 4

Creating Peace and Resolving Conflict with educator Cea Cohen Elliott

Life is definitely a bit harder these days, especially for those of us in education. Our students are bombarded with technology, music, media, peer pressure, stress and decisions. It's our job to be "present" physically and emotionally. We are facing cuts in our budgets and increasing demands on our profession. Let's face's not exactly what we expected when we decided to become teachers. But, the good news is we can work through this and maintain our sanity, sense of humor and resolve to change the life of a child.

On October 21, let's come together and learn how to relax, create a safe environment for our students, and teach them how to resolve conflict and learn how to "play fair."  How about remembering why we care about kids so much; let's laugh together. We need to energize ourselves and focus on the positive.  WARNING: You may experience giddiness and levity, reduce your blood pressure, feel motivated and leave happy....Attend at your own risk.