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Friday Professional Development Workshops

Time Room Workshop Title Presenter(s) Level Category
10:30-11:45 a.m. 400 Tips and Shortcuts for Elementary Educators (Repeated) Andrea McMillan Elementary New Ed./Quality Teaching
300 D Retirement for the New Kids on the Block: Navigating the New Retirement System Cory Wood All Grades New Ed./Financial
300 C I Can Do It: Classroom Management for Secondary Educators Suzanne Cottrell Secondary New Ed./Classroom Mgmt.
300 B Social Media:  Opportunities and Cautions Ross Rogers
Tom Nedreberg
All Grades New Ed./Ed. Resources
300 A Video Use for the 21st Century Victoria Rasmussen All Grades Technology
200 D What's Your Game Plan? Allison Riddle Grades 4-6 Math
200 C What Does it Mean to be Career and College Ready Christelle Estrada
Diana Suddreth
Secondary Math/English Lang. Arts
200 B Scientific Storytelling Dave Stroud Elementary Science
200 A The Utah Common Core for Students with Disabilities Janet Gibbs All Grades Special Education

Time Room Workshop Title Presenter(s) Level Category
1-2:15 p.m. 400 Making PRAXIS a Picnic: Strategies for Preparing to Pass the PRAXIS Sean Mabey All Grades New Ed./Ed. Resources
300 D Mastering Elementary Classroom Management Skills Through the “Behavior Curriculum” Helen Hurd Elementary

New Ed./Classroom Mgmt

300 C Tips and Shortcuts for Elementary Educators (Repeated) Andrea McMillan Elementary New Ed/Quality Teaching
300 B Tips and Shortcuts for Secondary Educators Shauna States Secondary New Ed/Quality Teaching
300 A Create the Future with Free Technology Resources Rob Bentley All Grades New Ed./Technology
200 D Connecting the Dots—Primary Domino Games Allison Riddle Grades preK-3 Math
200 C Everything's an Argument: Engaging Students Through Argumentative Writing Canceled Christelle Estrada Secondary Writing
200 B Mapping the Science World Around You Blake Wigdahl Elementary Science
200 A High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Essentials for Educators Cathy Longstroth
Jocelyn Taylor
All Grades Special Education