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Find the super hero in you!
Art from a Different Perspective

Thursday, October 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Imagine flying over a city, swinging on a jungle vine, or swimming undersea with the fish -without leaving the expo center!

All this and more is possible in the frames of our giant draw-it-yourself comic book pages. Using everyday materials, people will be encouraged to create unlikely situations drawn with colored tape on large canvases on the floor, and then pose themselves and their friends in these creations. By working on the floor new perspectives and impossible situations emerge as artists work together and build on the work of those who have been there before. As the day wears on, the images will develop and change, and the final results will be a culmination of all the participants work.

Art and artist then fuse together as we encourage guests to take pictures of themselves and friends “in” these new and exciting backdrops, doing things that defy gravity, and challenge the way we look at everyday things.

Bring a Camera!