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2014 UEA Convention & Education Exposition

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Convention LogoThursday, Oct. 16 - Schedule of Activities

Time Location  Event Presenter(s) Description Content For:
7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. North Foyer Registration   Attendees must register. Non UEA member admission $10. UEA members will be given free tickets to share. All Attendees
8-9:15 a.m. Room 400 Change the Brain, Free the Mind (1¼ pts.)* Dr. Christelle Estrada Discover concrete ways to develop empathy through perspective-taking, self-regulated learning and elements of Stanford's Design Thinking process. Engage in human-centered collaboration that increases cognitive rigor while making the brain happy! Secondary/
Quality Teaching
8-9:15 a.m. Room 300 C&D Dyslexia and Morphologically-Complex Words: Differentiated Instruction for All Learners (1¼ pts.)*  Dr. Elaine Cheesman Participants will learn reliable strategies to help students read, spell and understand the meaning of morphologically-complex words and provide differentiated instruction for typically-developing students. Grades 5-12/Reading
8-9:15 a.m. Room 300 A&B Creative iPad Projects (1¼ pts.)*  Mary Peterson Learn the most effective apps and innovative ideas for using iPads to create a variety of engaging projects across the curriculum. Discover dynamic ways to get students thinking at cognitively complex, highly engaged levels and strengthen technology skills for all students. Elementary/
8-9:15 a.m. Room 200 C&D Signing in School: Simple Signs That Will Transform Your Classroom (1¼ pts.)*   Leslie P. Briggs Learn how to use simple American Sign Language signs to manage the classroom, teach literacy and math skills, check student comprehension and more. Learn songs, games and activities which can be easily incorporated into any curriculum.  Grades K-3/
Quality Teaching
8-9:15 a.m. Room 200 A&B What is Being Taught? Supporting Good Teaching with Vetted Content (1¼ pts.)*   Alan Griffin This session presents an exploration of tools and strategies used to examine and evaluate content for instruction. Participants will be introduced to sources that review and rate curriculum and lists of high quality instructional resources and tools for evaluating content. All Grades/
Quality Teaching
9:30-10:30 a.m. Main Stage Convention Opening Session (1 pt.)* Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh and Lily Eskelsen García UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh kicks off the 2014 Convention with NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. All Attendees
10:45 a.m.-noon Room 400 da Vinci’s Diary: Seven Ways to Enhance Creativity, Inventiveness and Problem Solving with Students (1¼ pts.)*   Dr. Prent Klag Leonardo da Vinci demonstrated seven principles that can contribute to developing greater thinking skills and creativity. This fast-paced, interactive session will provide teachers with ideas, activities and resources that can assist them in kindling creativity and vitalizing student learning. All Grades/
Quality Teaching
10:45 a.m.-noon Room 300 C&D What Do Evaluators Think “Effective Teaching” Looks Like? (1¼ pts.)*  Todd Billings Understand effective teaching calibrated with evaluators across Utah through the use of video clips, classroom scenarios and lesson plans. Learn what your district evaluator will be looking for based on the Utah Effective Teaching Standards.  All Grades/
Quality Teaching
10:45 a.m.-noon Room 300 A&B Best Practices to Increase Comprehension Skills (1¼ pts.)* 

Six Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Be Using
Mary Peterson

J. Derek Larson
Explore the newest close-reading strategies to greatly enhance comprehension skills. You will gain a wealth of ideas to help your students become motivated, independent and strategic readers. Note: moved from 12:30-1:45

Discover technology tools including: online flash drives, applications to help remember different passwords, the ability to save your Internet bookmarks to multiple web browsers and computers, sharing bookmarks with others, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, Twitter and URL shorteners.  


All Grades/ Technology
10:45 a.m.-noon Room 200 C&D FOSStering the Third- thru Fifth-Grade Utah Core through Science  (1¼ pts.)*  Maggie Ostler Explore how linking literacy and active science can extend student learning and maximize teaching time through the Full Option Science System. Gain direct experience in science investigations while building literacy skills in speaking, listening and expository writing. Grades 3-5/Science
10:45 a.m.-noon Room 200 A&B Using Multimedia in Secondary Math Instruction (1¼ pts.)*  Katie Garrett UEN brings you multimedia resources to engage a variety of learning styles and close proficiency gaps. In this session, we'll focus on secondary math resources from NROC Math and PBS LearningMedia. Secondary/Math
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Exhibit Hall Vendor Exhibits and Presentation Stages See vendor list (p.27) Featuring over 100 vendor booths, hourly education-related workshops, entertainment and activities, pampering station, kids learning area and more. All Attendees
11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Exhibit Hall Pampering Station:  
Sponsored by Francois D. College of Hair, Skin & Nails and Tobey Webb and Friends Relax and enjoy a massage, haircut or manicure (Free for UEA members with ticket).
All Attendees
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Exhibit Hall KUED Kids Exploration Corner KUED and sponsors Families and educators are invited to join KUED Kids in the Exploration Corner for hands-on experiences, curriculum guides, take home activities and to meet your favorite PBS Kids characters! All Attendees, Kids
 Noon-12:45 p.m  Equity Real Estate Classroom  I Don't Have to Work Forever, Do I?  Megan Palazzo and
Brian Stoker
Learn how Social Security, district early retirement packages and personal pensions work together during retirement. This session will teach you how to maximize these three benefits at retirement.  All Grades/
Educator Resource
12:30-1:30 p.m. Exhibit Hall Hot Topics and Hot Dogs
• Sponsored by U-PAC
Political Candidate Enjoy a hot dog lunch then mix and mingle with political candidates in races across the state.
• Sponsored by the UEA Political Action Committee
(free for Capitol Club members or suggested $10 U-PAC contribution)
All Attendees 
12:30-1:45 p.m. Room 400 Prime-Time Design: Using Brain Research to Maximize Student Learning (1¼ pts.)* Suzanne Cottrell Learn how to help students move information and skills from short-term memory to working memory and ultimately to long-term memory. Changing how you plan, facilitate and assess learning will reap long-term benefits for all students. All Grades/
Quality Teaching
12:30-1:45 p.m. Room 300 C&D Working with Difficult Students and Gaining Parent Support moved to Room 300 A&B) 

12:30-1:45 p.m. Room 300 A&B Working with Difficult Students and Gaining Parent Support (1¼ pts.)*

Best Practices to Increase Comprehension Skills by Mary Peterson (moved to 10:45-noon Room 300 A&B) 
Dr. Kerrie Naylor

Discuss specific techniques to de-escalate disruptive behavior, keep students focused on learning and help teachers develop positive relationships with parents, especially parents of difficult students. 
All Grades/
Classroom Management
1-3 p.m. Exhibit Hall  Health Screenings
• Sponsored by EMI Health
  Five health screening exams: cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. UEA Members
(ticket required)
1-1:45 p.m. Main Stage The Magic of Reading Mike Hamilton Join educational presenter and professional magician Mike Hamilton as he stretches the realms of your imagination and experience for yourself the Magic of Reading. All Attendees/Kids
1-1:45 p.m. Equity Real Estate Classroom Dyslexia 101: The Basics of Dyslexia (¾ pts.)* Phoebe Beacham, Jenny Snedaker and Karee Atkinson Participants will learn what to look for if they suspect their student or child has dyslexia and what research-based best practices there are for intervention. Handouts from the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) will be given along with valuable resources.
All Grades/Reading
2-3:30 p.m. Room 300 C&D Special Event: Education Policy Panel Discussion  (1½ pts.)*
• Sponsored by Prosperity 2020
Nadine Wimmer, Lily Eskelsen García, Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh, Wayne Niederhauser, Ruthanne Buck, Tami Pyfer and Kristi Swett Hear how federal, state and local education policies impact classrooms and student learning from a panel of distinguished education leaders. Engage in a lively discussion with education leaders about some of the most important education issues of the day.
All Attendees
2-3:30 p.m. Exhibit Hall Book-A-Basket Curious George and Friends Shoot and make a hoop – win a book! Curious George and friends will tip off this event.
• Sponsored by the Utah Jazz, Horace Mann, Utah Idaho Supply/Map World, KUED and Barnes & Noble
All Attendees/Kids
2-2:45 p.m. Main Stage Fire and Ice Mad Science of Greater Salt Lake Children will be dazzled and entertained as they interact with our Mad Scientists!  Foggy dry-ice storms, giant beach balls floating in the air and even a special Mad Science “burp” potion will amaze children as they learn about chemical reactions, air pressure and the states of matter. All Attendees/Kids
2-2:45 Equity Real Estate Classroom Power of Play (¾ pts.)* Chris Conard and Allie Teller Learn how play can be used to support all types of learning in your classroom.  Tools and resources for implementing healthy play, physical activity, and creating an inclusive and respectful environment will be provided. Elementary/Quality Teaching
3-3:45 p.m. Main Stage Preschool Pioneer Tips & Tricks  Utah Education Network (UEN) Learn some great tips and tricks that will help young children and their caretakers make accessing, using and growing with Preschool Pioneer easy and fun! All Attendees/Kids
3-3:45 p.m. Equity Real Estate Classroom Tips to Keep You Talking: Maintain a Healthy Teaching Voice (¾ pts.)* Dr. Lynn Maxfield Tools for mitigating the effect that voice problems can have on effective teaching, tips for avoiding voice problems altogether and symptoms that may indicate a more serious voice problem requiring a professional consultation.  All Grades/Educator Resources
4-4:45 p.m. Equity Real Estate Classroom Fraction Action! (¾ pts.)* Allison Riddle Card, dice and domino games will help learners apply and extend concepts of fractions in grades 4-6. Experience the power of games used as assessment tasks for mastery of standards in the Common Core. Grades 4-6/Math
5:30-8 p.m.  Room 200 A UEA Superstars in Education Awards Celebration and Banquet 
• Sponsored by Key Bank, Alpine Credit Union, Deseret First Credit Union, Education First Credit Union,  EMI Health, GBS Benefits, Granite Credit Union, Horizon Credit Union and Jordan Credit Union
KSL-TV Anchor Nadine Wimmer  Ten educators will receive UEA Excellence in Teaching Awards. The UEA will also present the UEA Honor Roll Award and the Charles E. Bennett Human and Civil Rights Award.
All Attendees (Ticket required)
*One hour of professional development activities is equal to one re-licensure point. License Renewal Credit Form (PDF)