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For many decades, the Ogden Board of Education and Ogden public school teachers have collaborated to create working conditions that foster quality teaching and enhance student learning.

But this year, in an unprecedented move, the Ogden School District Board of Education gave all Ogden school teachers an ultimatum—sign an employment contract in which they had no input and that they did not understand or the Board “will declare your current position open for hire.”

Besides the obvious distress this ultimatum has caused for our dedicated Ogden public school teachers, a number of parents and other concerned community members fear this move will drive good teachers to seek employment in other school districts where educator input is solicited and valued.

The Ogden Board of Education has portrayed this action as a way to move teachers to a new compensation model. Yet the Board has never once approached teachers with any such proposal. Ogden teachers stand ready and open to discuss any alternative compensation proposals that will attract and retain quality teachers and enhance student learning.

Citizens concerned about the Board of Education’s move to shut educators out of the district’s decision-making process are urged to join the hundreds of Ogden classroom teachers and general public who have signed the Ogden School District “Petition for Collaboration.”

Ogden School District Petition for Collaboration

We, the undersigned, do hereby call upon the Ogden Board of Education to recognize it must work collaboratively with all impacted parties to create conditions that will attract and retain quality teachers, provide adequate working conditions, and benefit all Ogden’s public school employees and students. We believe that by mandating employees sign a contract with no attempt to discuss or negotiate contract terms, the Board signaled its intent to act unilaterally rather than collaboratively, which is ultimately not in the best interest of employees or students.

Specifically, we petition the Ogden Board of Education:

1. To immediately reinstate bargaining rights with the educators’ bargaining agent in the 2011-12 common contracts of all licensed educators and include similar rights for other classifications of employees;

2. To include the educators’ bargaining agent in all future discussions related to educator salary, benefits and working conditions; and

3. To heretofore work with educators on programs targeting student success in a spirit of collaboration rather than conflict.

Support Ogden teachers by signing the petition now!

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