Inspirational Teachers Protect 'Their Kids'


I am writing today as a teacher. The events at Sandy Hook Elementary have weighed heavily on the minds and hearts of our educators.

As the stories of the heroic acts of the teachers made their way to the media, I could not help but reflect that these selfless acts are exactly what teachers would do...give their lives to protect "their kids."

During terrifying moments and unimaginable circumstances, teachers reassured, nurtured, supported and expressed their love for the children in their care. Some provided paper and crayons or shared a story to help calm fears. These acts are instinctual to our educators.

Thank you to the Sandy Hook Elementary School teachers for the powerful, inspirational examples of commitment and compassion you have given us.

David Bosso, the 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year said it perfectly. "In the midst of this unfathomable loss and profound sorrow, you have buoyed our spirits and given us hope. Because of your passion, courage, sacrifice, and devotion, I am once again reassured to proudly declare to educators everywhere: Never again say, 'I am just a teacher.'"


Extra Layer of Protection

Date Posted: 1/8/2013 8:13:03 AM
Name: Pat Orsban

Kudos to the teachers who made the choice to get a ccw and use a gun to protect their students. Hoep to God you never need it, hope to God you have it if you do. I made a little device I keep in all my carry guns. It completely prevents an accidental shooting, yet only adds one second to any "purposeful" use you deem necessary. I made this little gadget when my son was born almost 10 years ago, because in addition to being a very strong gun rights advocate, I feel safety is even more important. Send me an email. I will give/mail to any teacher that chooses to wear a gun to protect their kids one of these. And it is biodegradable. It stops accidental shootings but does not stop purposeful use. Good Luck, Pat Orsban

I am NOT just a teacher

Date Posted: 12/29/2012 3:48:55 PM
Name: Claudia

We are caretakers, nurturers, parents, school moms and dads, sometimes nurses, and always educators. Sometimes at the end of a long day we feel drained of energy. At the same time working directly with these kids seems to give us a special kind of energy. I'm so grateful for the teachers and coaches that have treated my children as if they were their own. My high school girls can't go out with anyone unless the guy has passed the test given by my girls' second dads at school. We LOVE our students. THAT'S why we teach!


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