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The Utah Education Association's Aspiring Educators Program (UEA-AEP) is Utah’s professional association for college students who plan to become teachers. Students at any of Utah’s post-secondary/higher education institutions who are not employed full-time in a regular teaching position by a pre-K–12 education agency or institution are eligible to join the Aspiring Educators Program. Formally known as the UEA Student Program, the name changed to Aspiring Educators Program at 2018's House of Delegates by leaders in the program.

The UEA-AEP is part of the UEA, an association of Utah teachers, counselors and other related servers. We are a nonprofit, grassroots organization. The UEA-AEP is also part of the National Education Association Aspiring Educators Program (NEA-AEP).


For only $25 per year (Membership is September 1 to August 31). There are two ways to join:

  1. Sign up online using a credit card, or
  2. Print a 2018-19 membership form, fill it out and mail it to the UEA along with your check.
Now Accepting Early Enrollment: You can join the program early. New NEA Aspiring Educators Program Early Enrollees join between April 1 and August 31, 2019 and are considered members from the signature date on the application through August 31, 2020 after the upfront $25 dues payment for 2019-2020. Early Enrollees have access to select NEA and UEA Member Benefits programs before the regular membership year begins Sept 1, 2019.



Represent the Utah Education Association Aspiring Educators Program at the 2019 House of Delegates, Saturday, April 27, 2019.

This is your opportunity to shape the future of the organization, called delegate, as an aspiring educator. Have your voice heard regarding UEA’s legislative, programmatic and budget priorities. Declare your candidacy by clicking here
Delegates must be in an education preparation program, a current UEA Aspiring Educators Program member and not employed by a district.


The Utah Education Association (UEA), partnered with local affiliates, is excited to bring the 2017-2018 Student Program EdTalk Series for students in university and college teaching preparation programs. Check out the sampling of topics on which the UEA could engage aspiring students in education preparation programs. If you are faculty at a university or college, consider the UEA when planning out your syllabus. Please reach out to William Spiegel, UEA UniServ Specialist, at



Helping you teach your best. The UEA-AEP helps you become a well-informed, professional teacher through top-quality workshops, conferences, publications, websites and the NEA's Professional Library – offering the single largest source of professional materials for classroom teachers. Click here for Quick Tips for Classroom Success.

Educator Employment Liability insurance and legal protection when you work with students as part of your preparation to become a teacher. Many schools require you to be covered by liability insurance when you student teach.

Student loan assistance program. Need help paying your student loan? Many Utah teachers and licensed professionals may qualify for loan assistance programs. Check out the resource, Generation Debt, and join us for a training. Student Program members receive notice when trainings are held.

Networking. UEA-AEP helps you tap into a professional network of educators: practicing teachers at the local, state and national levels.

You're part of the family. When you join UEA-AEP, you also join:

Together, these groups work to:

  • Promote excellence in public education,
  • Help teachers succeed in their profession,
  • Provide good working conditions for teachers and good learning conditions for children, and
  • Support legislation and candidates that support kids and public schools.

Get your money's worth. Your membership entitles you to discounts on special services like auto, homeowners/renters and life insurance, entertainment, computers, books, magazines, travel and merchandise through our exclusive NEA Member Benefits program and the UEA Access Card which offers big savings at more than 300,000 locations throughout the nation, state and community.

Dues rebate and reduction. During your first year of teaching and regular UEA membership, you'll receive a 20 percent UEA dues reduction (mark the “past student member” box on the UEA membership form) and a $20 rebate from NEA for each year of aspiring educators membership.  That means you may receive more money back than you paid in dues as a student: New Student Rebate Form 2018-19 (Due on or before May 1).

You’ve chosen a noble profession. Let us help you as you pursue your career and acquire your own classroom. Join hundreds of other education students in Utah pursuing the same career path.

Please contact the UEA for more information at 801-266-4461 or 800-594-8996