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UEA Member Survey Summary – November 2020

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The Utah Education Association emailed a survey to members via Survey Monkey asking opinions on the Coronavirus in schools. The non-scientific survey was open November 18-22, 2020, and received 5,578 responses.

Executive Summary

UEA membership is evenly divided on how to deal with the Coronavirus in schools. The percentage of members who say the UEA should advocate to temporarily close all schools statewide (42%) is identical to the number who say we should “support the work of local associations…and not focus on statewide solutions.”

Interest in a job action is low statewide, particularly in rural school districts. The overall percentage supporting a job action is 16.2% but responses vary considerably by district.

Younger educators and those in secondary schools express higher interest in a job action. Those in secondary schools (19.2%) are more likely to want action than those in elementary (13.8%) and those with 4-10 years’ experience (21.7%) are much more likely than those with 21+ years (11.3%).

UEA members are overwhelmed and stressed. Asked which words best described their feelings, “Overwhelmed” (43.4%) and “Stressed” (21.3%) topped the list.

Survey Results